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XML Effects of Drought Stress during Seed Development and Subsequent Accelerated Ageing on Wheat Seed Mitochondrial Ultra-structure, Seedling Antioxidant Enzymes, and Malondialdehyde
Hamid Reza Eisvand *, Saeed Moori, Ahmad Ismaili, Shahryar Sasani
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Effect of static magnetic field on the growth factors, antioxidant activity and anatomical responses of Silybum marianum seedlings
Halimeh Hassanpour *, Maryam Mansourkhaki, Malak Hekmati
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Changes in antioxidant enzymes activity and physiological traits by exogenous salicylic acid in basil (Ocimum basilicum) under Pb stress
Ali Padash, Ahmad Ghanbari, Mohammad Reza Asgharipour *, Mohammad Ali Javaheri
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Effects of NaCl on some physiological and biochemical responses in two cultivars of L. usitatissimum
Leila Amraee *, Rahmani, Babak Abdollahi
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Activities of fructan- metabolizing enzymes in barley stems subjected to terminal drought stress
Mona Pureisa *, Majid Nabipur, Musa Meskarbashi
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Growth characteristics, photosynthetic pigments content and phenolic compounds content in the almond (A. scoparia and A. eburnea) exposed to static magnetic field
Fatemeh Abdollahi، Hamzeh Amiri *، Vahid Niknam، Faezeh Ghanati، Kazem mahdigholi
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Tissue Culture and Production of Volatile Secondary Metabolites from Callus of Stevia rebaudiana at Different Combination of Plant Growth Regulators
Seyed Mehdi Razavi *, Farahrouz Zahri, Mesomeh Abedini
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
XML Cyanide acclimation in willow (Salix babylonica L.), a prospect for the phytoremediation of cyanide
Rasoul Ghasemi *, Raziyeh Mokhtari
چکیده -   متن کامل (PDF)
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